LA Rant – Ep. 1

It’s finally here!

Check out the first episode of The Los Angeles Rant with Alyssa Jara and Josh Ramirez:

This week’s premiere begins with the Rams sputtering loss and their inability to stop Brees and the Saints, including a theory on why they were so effective against Coach Williams. Also, what the Rams immediate future looks like and Goff’s fashion deficiencies. Guard Jamon Brown talks improvement from individuals through the team.
11:00 Talk Me Off a Ledge — The Rams as a Team
17:38 Kings
The duo talks about the Kings 5-game win streak, goal bursts, and return to health. The humble Dwight King talks goals and Kopi’s return. Josh talks about what losers always say, and decoration ideas for the Kings locker room. Alyssa learns how to pronoune Budaj, and he’s then praised for the MVP he has been playing like.
26:18 Get Me a Jersey — Alec Martinez
37:42 Lakers
We talk about Lakers win over Westbrook and the Thunder and Josh’s unwanted similarities with Jose Calderon. Mozgov is praised for his big money play, Swaggy’s big three shows shades of Kobe, and the Lakers D is roasted once again. Swaggy talks about the shot and Luke talks about the importance of being .500

41:41 Flex the Hate — Timofey Mozgov

52:25 Snake of the Week — Spectrum SportsNet

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