Los Angeles Rant — Ep. 2

Episode 2 of the Los Angeles Rant is here!

Josh and Alyssa start this week with the Lakers, discussing if Lou Williams‘ 40 point night was more of a star’s arrival or another nod to the Luke Walton system. Josh coins a new title for Coach Walton, and they discuss team leaders versus role players, especially in the current injured lineup.


The duo then moves on to the Kings, who continue to succumb to quick scoring by their opponents.  Josh praises Dustin Brown‘s underappreciated work and calls out Drew Doughty (and most other defensemen) for his sloppy play.  They also talk possession problems and how their power play struggles have more to do with their poor defense than anything else.


Jeff Fisher‘s extension highlights their Rams talk as Josh claims that the extension is an insult to the fans.  Rants continue with targets on Stan KroenkeGreg Robinson, and defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. Finally, Josh presents his new rules for how to see who gets the number one draft pick.

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