Los Angeles Rant Ep. 3


In this week’s episode Josh and special guest Francine talk the Rams debacle (2:00), including having high hopes and then watching the offense flop around for four quarters. They also discuss how Fisher may ruin Goff‘s career and if he’ll go “turbo” and audible to more deep passes. (9:40 Snake of the Week: Rob Boras) Josh and Francine also humble-brag about hanging with Kellan Lutz and his dad. Alyssa calls Josh out on his ironic Falcons Jersey.
(25:45) KINGS
Josh talks about Zatgoff‘s flubs and why he just doesn’t like him. Question marks rise up from this week so they talk about Coach Sutter‘s role in solving these questions. The Kings scored 3 power play goals on Saturday and Josh says why he already sees a Stanley Cup.
(38:42) LAKERS
(39:00) Talk Me Off a Ledge — Lakers Losing Streak
Josh tells Lakers fans not to worry because the Lakers are set to explode when the starters warm back up. They talk holding Walton responsible for the losing streak, but praise his leadership through the injuries. Josh also says what he wants to see from Nick Young and D’Angelo Russell‘s return. Alyssa then talks about the time she met, Swaggy P, himself.
(52:30) Get Me a Jersey Nick Young 

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